Monday, June 9, 2014

G.E.E.E. Goes Portable

In order to engage the Rebuild Foundation's community better, G.E.E.E. now has a presence at Black Cinema House screenings.  We've retrofitted and electrified a travel truck much like a mini greenhouse.
We're offering an edited selection of herbs, succulents and our hand-made preserves for sale or trade.

The goal is to be a regular presence at Rebuild Foundation events.  The Archive House has irregular foot traffic, but nonetheless we have had some incredible trades with people from all over the world.

But we want to engage the people from Grand Crossing, the south side, Chicago and Greater Chicagoland who DO attend events at Dorchester Projects regularly.

So, we want people (meaning, you, too, reader) to think twice as they're running out the door to go to a Rebuild Foundation event, including screenings at the Black Cinema House, to reconsider your things and surplus;  We want to trade!

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