Thursday, June 12, 2014

24 Hours After G.E.E.E. 60615 Installation...

By the day after the installation, word must have gotten out.  Several varieties of tomatoes were thinned down, if not completely depleted.

We were so excited to get the seedlings out into the world!

The larger pots that held up our signs were even taken but, the signs were politely leaned against the building.  Needless to say, were made new signs, "Please Don't Take the Larger Pots," for our new signage holding pots.

We restocked varieties of tomatoes where we could.  And had some pretty incredible interactions.  One lady was loading several flats into her car.  When asked what she would do with so many plants, she explained that she was a member of  community garden up on Indiana Avenue, and that they would be well cared for and appreciated.  Tremendous!

Some people like to get selfies with celebrities.  We had one participant that wanted a selfie with the seedlings...

People were very particular about what seedlings they wanted.

One gentleman works with a farm in Indiana.  By chance, he had several loaves of focaccia to trade.

One participant couldn't speak English well, but her gratitude transcended language barriers.

Activities within the art center spilled out into our makeshift tomato garden.

This is a tame picture of the notes and poems left.  By the end, people were tearing out sheets and we had stacks!

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