Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Propagated Plants and Plantlets Available at G.E.E.E. (60605)

We are all aware that plants grow from seeds, but many varieties can be propagated.  Yes, in the spring, gardeners split plants at the roots to thin out beds.  But some plants can be propagated year round.

 Propagation involves trimming a branch of a plant and putting it in water so that roots may form.  Often, new roots form where leaves were formally.  The Rex Begonia can be propagated in this manner.

Other plants, like the Spider Plant, grow pedicel leaders that produce both flowers (for seed reprodution) and plantlets.  The plantlets look like mini plants with formed roots.  One the plantlet grows large enough, it detatches from the plant to live as its own, self-sustaining plant.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Seeing Sky Station: Time as a Commodity

At Cream Co., we collect data.  While at an artists' residency at Yaddo 2 years ago, Marie began our discipline of documenting the color of the sky.  Since then, we are developing a series of painting based on the data we collect documenting the color of the sky.

I believe that the idea of including our audience in the practice of seeing happened a year ago when Olivia of High Concept Laboratories joined us for a studio visit; she thought she might enjoy watching the sky, as we do.

At the Arcade Gallery, we have captured 50 sky colors we have seen in numbered jars.  We ask our audience to donate, share or take time to see.  In addition to the numer description, we ask the audience to describe the color in writing.  We can't wait to see what struggles and poetry reveal in the attempt to describe the colors of the sky.

Shift Exhibition: Opening Night

These 2 participants couldn't resist the display of scented geraniums that was right at their level!

Unfortunately, this is 1 of only a few pictures taken at Opening Night of the Shift exhibition.  We truly practice the discipline of being present in the moment, sometimes at the loss of stepping away to to photograph the moment.

A couple dozen curious students, friends, family and fellow artists joined us to mark the opening.

A handful of people participated in Seeing Sky as the sun set and day turned to night.

G.E.E.E. (60605) is Now Open for Trading!

Cream Co. has just opened the latest iteration of G.E.E.E. at the Arcade Gallery of Columbia College, 618 S. Michigan Avenue.

At this location, the surplus that initiates and propels the economy is propagated plants.  As well, the commodity time is offered at a Seeing Sky: donated time, shared time and taken time.

Come and check out the plants, plantlets, cache pots, sleeves and furniture that we have included in the exhibition.

G.E.E.E. at the Arcade Gallery of Columbia College

Cream Co. and G.E.E.E. are so pleased to be a part of the Shift exhibition at the Arcade Gallery of Columbia College!

Matthew Robinson, student curator, presents 5 diverse art collectives, building the case for creative collaboration.

The faculty, staff and students have been extremely supportive during the installation.  The space is an ideal location for G.E.E.E. with strong architecture, sunny windows for the plants, and what promises to be an engaged community with a student lounge and actively programmed auditorium adjacent to the gallery.

We are in great company with Grupo 0.29, Lucky Pierre, Supergroup and Tracers Book Club.

At 618 S. Michigan Avenue, we're just a hop, skip and a jump from the Art Institute.  Please stop, shop and share with us over the next 6 weeks!