Friday, September 28, 2012

GEEE Redesign and Scaledown

We scaled down the GEEEcycling station to a much more efficient transplant station.  We still have basil seedlings to transplant.  Come in and trade to fill your windowsill gardens!

We disassembled the Trading Table and replaced it with the Specific Item produced for HPAC at the Expo Chicago.  It's much more minimal.  We're beginning to detach from the architecture of the building.

We created a bench from the self-watering begonia planters.

 We re-acquainted the arched windows to create a field of basil.

Clippings are free. 

Cream Co. Presents GEEE at Expo Chicago

On Wednesday, September 19th, Cream Co. debuted it's first GEEE Specific Item at Expo Chicago 2012. It serves a desk and display table with integral planting.  It is composed of borrowed items, craft paper, gaffer's tape and basil plants.

GEEE asked to Produce a Specific Item for Expo Chicago

 When Hyde Park Art Center was invited to display a booth at Expo Chicago, the heir-apparent to Art Chicago, they approached us at Cream Co. to install a GEEE piece to serve as furniture.  They needed a table to sit and have conversations, as well as display brochures and catalogs.

We went to the Rebuilding Exchange where they graciously allowed us to borrow whatever materials necessary.

We  looked at windows, 


knobs to be used to hold headphones at the video displays, 

and more windows. 

Rooftop Tomatoes

With unseasonably hot temperatures in June and July, the tomatoes started to produce and ripen early.

The colors and sizes have been spectacular.

We've lined up the tomatoes on the parapet to ripen.

June was the Busiest Month So Far at GEEE

The exchange calendar for June was extremely full.  A lot of people traded fro tomato plants to start their vegetable gardens.

Gardening Class at GEEE

For 5 weeks in June and July, Cream Co. taught a perennial garden gardening class at GEEE.

 As Marie says, "to garden is to weed," so we took the opportunity to weed the Abundance Garden.  What is a weed? an unwanted or invasive plant.  We decided as a group that the thistle was a weed.

 Each student made a version of our tomato planter made from a 5-gallon bucket. and planted a tomato plant on the roof.

 The class was very conversational, students bringing questions from their own gardens.

The class was a social and community event.  It fulfilled a need to get one's hands in the dirt and just chat.  We miss our students now that the class is over.