Friday, August 16, 2013

Outdoors at Dorchester Projects

Behind the Archive House of Dorchester Projects, we have installed a trading post to trade or give away seedlings.

Gardeners typically plant more seeds than necessary, just in case some don't sprout, to share with neighbors, or to simply use all the seeds in the pack.  We started several several hundred tomato seedlings extra and dozens of basil, squash, pepper, eggplant and other herb seedlings

One of the missions of the Archive House is make it's collections accessible to the community.  As well, the Rebuild Foundation is developing its resources to meet the community's needs.  One need is to increase writing skills, both expressive lyrical and practical, such as writing resumes.

At our first Open Sunday, we not only asked people to leave a note, but to leave a poem.  Some people just enjoyed the opportunity to write a poem; some people really appreciated that we value a poem for a seedling.

 Outdoors, we don't use a piggy bank.  These items are only for trade or for free.  We use a water resistant box to protect the notes and poems left.

We have pepper seedlings.

We have tomato seedlings.

We are growing tomatoes in buckets.

Visitors can help themselves to some parsley.

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