Monday, August 5, 2013

GEEE Installed at Dorchester Projects as Artist-In-Residency

Since June of 2013, Cream Co., as an artist-in-residence, has stationed at the Archive House of Theaster Gates' Dorchester Projects in the Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago.

Dorchester Projects houses a small library including 14,000 volumes from the now-closed Prairie Avenue Art and Architecture Bookstore. The archive at Dorchester also comprises a canonical collection of glass lantern slides from the University of Chicago's Art History Department, representing approximately 60,000 images.  By relocating these resources into a restored local space, a diverse audience is encouraged to access and use them for research, contemplation and performance material – enhancing both the edifying and creative function of a library while enabling an empowered sense of ownership for the community.

GEEE operates as a trading post at the Archive House of Dorchester Projects.

Out in the gorgeous back yard, our surplus plants are available for trade or for poems or for free.  A handful of tomato plants are growing in GEEE reservoir planters.  The heirloom tomatoes will be available for trade as soon as they ripen!

Indoors, a small corner has been reserved for trading our house plants and herbs for items that will benefit Dorchester Projects: indoor and outdoor gardening items, art materials, books and support to teach writing and resume development, musical instruments, record albums and always valued immaterial support: dialogue, advice, recipes and poems.

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