Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Not Too Late to Start Your Own Seedlings with Our Heirloom Seeds

In addition to selling the seeds that we started the seedlings from, we are also selling other varieties of heirloom tomatoes and greens. It's not too late to start from seeds if it's done in the next couple weeks.

Organic. These accurately-named currant-sized tomatoes harvest firm and juicy. Renowned for flourishing with copious fruit, the vine continues to grow and grow through the season. She's a joy to watch in the garden and a pleasure to serve at the table in salads or on a picnic blanket by the handful.

Organic. Sputnik is a mild-flavored arugula, very fast growing 8-10 inch green leaves. This century-old plant has a wide diversity of leaf shapes ranging from smooth and strappy to finely-cut lobed. Ideal for bunching, use this winner in salads or lightly braised. It can be planted early or late in the season.

Meaning "Giant Grape" this variety yields sweet and fruity tomatoes with hints of lemon. Each plant will yield numerous fruit with exceptionally beautiful yellow flowers.

Representing the Ukraine of Russia, go figure, this beauty queen is known for her aubergene color, plum-shaped fruits and firm skin. Producing an early abundance of fruit, her flavor is characterized by a bold taste, both sweet and meaty.

Organic. From the French term, "mescla" meaning "to mix," these 4-8 inch plants are a selective collection of greens (Arugula, Osaka Purple Mustard Greens, Garden Cress, Red Russian Kale and Tres Fin Endive) complemented with an assortment of lettuces (Brune, D'Hiver, Rubens Red Romaine, Pirat Butter, Formidana, Simpson's Black Seeded). The end result is a memorable palette of colors, shapes, tastes and textures. It can be planted early or late in the season.

This apricot-shaped heirloom from France, known simply as "Flamme" by friends and family, can be identified by its deep orange hue. The fruits develop in clusters weighing about 2 to 3 ounces each: larger than a cherry, but smaller than a sandwich tomato. Its unique flavor is often described as "bitey," the sweet-tart of the vine.

Soft, juicy and ready to eat, this tomato will steal your heart. With its huge, pink "oxheart" shape, this lady is also great for canning and is superb in sauces.

This is a reasonably firm tomato with sweet lemon lime flavor, spicy and zingy. Rich, gorgeous and bearing fruit early in the season, she is great for slicing and shines in salads.

The product of crossing the Yellow Pear with the Evergreen, this wonder is sweet and fruity, firm and juicy. Virtually seedless, cherry in its size and yellowish-green, she is ready to eat right off the vine in clusters of 6 to 12. This productive and bushy plant fruits early.

Chocolate in color, often with green shoulders, this tomato's flavor rivals Brandywine. Not only extremely sweet, she is also bountiful.

This mahogahany-colored cherry tomato is a beautiful addition to your dinner canvas. Originally from Holland, it has a semi-sweet, rich flavor with a slight bit of acid finish over its fruity sweetness.

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