Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Plants Have Arrived!

I thought I'd share some of the new plants that have arrived.

The lavender phlox and the periwinkle vinca have really brightened the space with color. Eventually these will be great in planters and window boxes, but with this cold streak, they might be happier at your desk or on the table for a few more days.

Oxalis is a fun plant, opening its leaves in the day, then folding back up as it gets dark.

The Sedum Sexangulare is typically a groundcover, but its juicy, mossiness makes for a great texture in planter arrangements.

These chicks and hens are a great red color with aubergine undertones.

This photograph doesn't do this jasmine justice. It is covered with buds and ready to flower.

We had some larger pots of this variegated artillery plant last week. This bite-sized version is still a joy.

The shrimp plant is, well, bizarre. It blooms into these segmented, scaly, prawn-like things. It's an exquisite conversation piece for sure.

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