Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open for Business and Trade

G.E.E.E. has a variety of items for sale and trade.

Found objects are used for display as well as for sale. The first shipment of plants went quickly. A mixture of plants trimmed back and ready for spring renewal, some select houseplants, some early bloomers, some mosses and some herbs brought the space to life. Although the flowering orchid cactus (on the chair) was the most sculptural, the segmented leaves on the tapeworm are unspeakably gorgeous (there's still one left...).

We have a fascination with hydrangea at Cream Co. So when the video store's old display case came available, we jumped at the chance to display part of our collection of dried hydrangeas. Yes, this is only part...

Fuchsia, Dame's Rocket, Oregano, Columbine, Queen of the Nile and Scented Geranium

Ziggurat of Compost

Garden books for reference, sale and trade

We offer tomato trellises to order. The trellises are designed for urban conditions to be installed over hard surfaces requiring little land for tomato vines to trail up and down.

We are offering the seeds that we have tested ourselves. They grow well in our climate with exceptional color, shape, size, abundance and/or taste.

We've started our own seedlings from those very same seeds. They will be ready to leave the nursery in a week or 2.

We also offer salad tables by order.

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