Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amira and Ahmad

It must have been July because I was tending to the 5 tomato plants we were growing in modified 5-gallon buckets behind the Archive House. A voice called from maybe 30 feet away, "What are you doing?" I could see half a head, nose on up, peering over a fence a yard away. She introduced herself as Amira and her brother Ahmad. We chatted for a bit. I explained GEEE ever so basically, until Marlease stepped out the back door, "Hello, Ameera. How are you? Now please don't bother Mr. Patrick while he's working." I was taken back to Mississippi where I grew up for a moment.

"Oh, she's not bothering me. I'm about done, anyway," I said.

"Can I come over?" Amira chimed in quickly.

"No, we're not open, but you can come over Sunday for the Open House."

I packed up and left with good-byes.

I saw Amira regularly over the summer and into the Fall in the backyards and at Open Houses with Ahmad and the other neighbor girl, Indigo. Indigo informed me which tomato plants was hers, and later that summer I noticed it tagged with sparkly stickers. I even helped Ahmad's friend put his chain back on his bike once.

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