Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UNO Experiences GEEE at the Union

A Foundations Class in Art from the University of Nebraska Omaha joined us at the beginning of our residency.  This evening, we described how GEEE is a community art project and got to entertain discussion of such art as we prepared the soil for our Abundance Garden, transplanted tomato seedlings and prepared containers for a trellis tomato garden.

 Overflow holes were drilled.

Watering tubes were cut.

The containers were filled with lava rock at the reservoir, then soil, lime and fertilizer..

We ran out of lava rock, so the students and a younger volunteer used gravel from the alley.

 Meanwhile, other volunteers were scraping the groundcover from the Abundance Garden location.

Rocks, brick and glass were removed from the soil before tilling.

Amanda had the most experience tilling, so she showed us how.

We added manure and humus to the soil, adding nutrients and aerating the clayeous soil.

We ended up preparing a bed 6 feet wide on the north and east sides of the facility.

Yes, Patrick took a turn at the tiller, too.

We ended the evening with a hot dog roast.  The time working side-by-side with the students allowed us to talk about community art and conceptual art projects.  As a requirement for their class, each student was then required to propose a project based on their experience with GEEE, but in their individual artistic voices.  We wish them luck!

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