Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mild Winter on the Roof Garden


  1. Good job on cleaning the mess. Snowflakes and stems could sometimes be really hard to clean. It would be much better if you cover your rooftop, especially in winter. That would be helpful.

    Freddy Wingfried

  2. Hey Usmaan, thanks for sharing this blog. This is really informative one. Good job on cleaning the mess. It would be much better if you cover your rooftop, especially in winter. Desert Hot Springs Realtors

  3. I agree with you, Freddy! Covering your roof with a tarp will help keep the debris out and the roof area clean. Anyhow, this mess is much better than snow covering your whole roof. Hehe. If you have close buddies to help you out with the cleaning, that would be fun!

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

    1. I agree with what Elizabeth has to say. Cleaning the roof together with one’s friends can turn into a perfect bonding! And what do you know, your co-cleaners might come up with other ways to beautify your roof.

      Richard Boles

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  5. Well, you’ve clearly done an excellent job on the roof! And it’s good that you only got twigs and branches on your roof. There was one time when a hailstorm went past our neighborhood. Afterwards, when it was gone, we went up or roof and found some roof shingles coming from our neighbor’s roof!

    @Mariam Freame

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