Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moments from Friday's Big Dig Gig Barbeque

We fired up the grill to celebrate spring and the beginning of outdoor gardening season.

We made a sign to designate a location for people to place plants that they intended to donate to the HPAC garden. The master griller interpretted it another way and used it to start the coals.

People gathered on our make-shift roofdeck made from shipping pallets carefully selected with smaller gaps between slats and free of splinters and nails sticking out.

We opened the roof top tomato garden and people brought in plants from their yards that had propagated and needed to be thinned. The goal was to tap into the abundance we have and use it to trade with other peoples abundance or donate it to HPAC's garden.

Dan had planted Mesclun greens, kale and spinach for the spring. He planted the seeds close together, then as the seedlings grew into plants, he thinned the rows and brought the excess plants to be traded for arugula sedlings.

The potluck barbeque was a huge success. Fo many of us it was the first griilled hot dog of the season.

The wild ginger Chuck brought in was already blooming.

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