Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trip to the Rebuilding Exchange

Meagan of the Rebuilding Exchange enthusiastically helped us select salvaged building materials to be temporarily re-purposed for our displays.

Bob, both Cream Co.'s CFO and Chief Handyman, had made a stealth reconnaissance mission to the RX the weekend before and found some window shutters that we could consider for plant shelving. In chatting up the RX staff, he revealed that he was also delivery a load of art books to Goodwill. The staff selected some of the books for their break room which has elevated the lunch conversation exponentially.

This solid wood door with crafted obscured glass caught our attention.

The hall space at HPAC has a nook that could fit a large table. The previous year, we had used a glass French door for the seed table. These arched windows showed great potential.

We were debating about creating our own G.E.E.E. currency (possibly living seedlings) requiring a "Currency Change" paired with an honor system so trades could occur while we were not there. The cabinet above with 3 glass doors promised options on how we might access plants as both a shopkeeper and participant.

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